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Integration of Office 2010 in MDT


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Creation of Office 2010 SP1 Setup directory : slipstreaming

Integration of Language Packs

Import of Office 2010 in MDT

Customisation of Office 2010 setup

Before importing an Office 2010 in MDT, you have to create a setup directory contaninig all setup components :

1 - Create a setup directory on your disk :

md office2010

2 - copy the Office setup DVD in the directory

copy d:\*.* c:\office2010

3 - Download the SP1 here :

 Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2460049) 32-bit Edition
Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2460049) 64-bit Edition

Extract the SP1 into the updates subdirectory :

officesuite2010sp1-kb2460049-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:"C:\Office2010\Updates"

Office 2010 slipstream

Accept the licence and clic on continue :

Office 2010 slipstreamming

All files are extracted :

Office SP1

You have now an English Office SP1 setup directory.


Now that you have your English version of Office setup files, you can add Language Packs.

Language packs of Office should be downloaded from the licensing/ technet / msdn web site.

1 - Copy the content of the language pack into the setup directory of Office 2010 :

copy c:\langpack\*.* c:\office2010

NB : The language pack must be extracted (if it's an exe) or mounted (if it's an ISO file) :

2 - Download the Language SP1 from here : (for example the French is here :

3 - Extract the SP1 into the updates directory :

languagepack2010sp1-kb2460043-x86-fullfile-fr-fr.exe /extract:"C:\Office2010\Updates"

You have now a multilanguage setup directory for Office 2010 SP1

  • Import of Office 2010 in MDT

In MDT Workbanch, right clic on the Application folder, choose New Application

MDT new application

Choose the application with source files type :

MDT new application type

Specify details of the application :

MDT New application details

Select the Office slipstream directory you created :

MDT new application

That's it, the application is now created. See next part for ending the automation of the Office 2010 installation.

MDT office 2010

If you check properties of the imported Office 2010 application, then you can see that there is a special tab for Office : MDT recognize and manage automation of Office :

MDT Office 2010

Then you see the language packs imported and you can customize installation by clicking on Office Customization Tool :

Choose the office product to automate :

Office Customization Tool

Then you can customize the Office installation :

Office Customization Tool

and save it to an msp file.

Clic also on the Details tab in order to define the command line :

MDT Office 2010 command line

Office 2010 is now ready to be setup with MDT. - Sommaire Windows Serveur - Sommaire Windows Vista : sommaire