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Setup of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) with Windows Server 2008 R2


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MDT rely on WDS (Windows Deployment Services), so first step is to activate the role on the Windows 2008 server.

Index :


Import WiM file

Import Boot image


From the Server Manager console, select Roles, then Add Roles :

WDS import

Choose Windows Deployment Services :

WDS import


Select all roles services :

WDS role services

Then click on Finish.

After the WDS role is installed, you need to configure the server :

WDS import

WDS configuration

No need to integrate an image in WDS, MDT will be enough.  We’ll use MDT : Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010, so you can uncheck the Add images to server now.

If you want to import WIMS, sthen follow these steps (this is not required for MDT, but if you have some legacy images to deploy, it's the place). 

Import WIM File :

Select Import Image from contextual menu :

WDS import

WDS import

WDS is now OK. Next step is MDT installation.

Import of a Boot image

Run Windows Deployment Services console.

Right clic on Boot Images, and choose Add Boot Image :

WDS import boot image

Then select the right WIM file from the Boot folder in the DeploymentShare :

WDS import wizzard

The Wim is then imported :

WIM boot import

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