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Windows Server 2003 - ADMT
Active Directory Migration Tool

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Microsoft released ADMT (Active Directory Migration Too) same day than Windows Server 2003.

Run ADMT then select Computer Migration Wizzard

Wizzard opens and ask you to select source and target domain :

Next screen allow you to select account to migrate :

You then choose objects to be migrated on the PC :

Next screen talk about local accounts to be migrated (members of local administrator group for example)

Next screen manage conflicts :

Options screen allow you to define the time after which the computer will restart (all computer must be switched on and connected to the network in order to be migrated).

Following screen allow you to see selected options, then you see a status screen displaying status of PCs.

If you look onto the PCs you will se the migration agent working on each computer (that can take a lot of minutes on each computer) : ADMTAgnt.exe is taking a lot of processor on the machine.

  • Troubleshooting :

_ PC must be switched on and on same network that your server running ADMT
_ File and print service must be running on PCs
_ a firewall can block the agent to be setup
_ RPC (remote procedure call) must be setup on the PC
_ DNS on the PC must be correct
_ DNS on the server must be correct

See the kb : http://support.microsoft.com/search/default.aspx?qu=admt+rpc