Windows Server 2008 - Initial tasks

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The Initial Configuration Tasks is a new screen which provide a single point for initial basics configuration tasks :
(click on the area you want, in  order to discover options)

French Version / Version Française

1 - Provide Computer Information :


Define here the time zone and daylight saving settings.

A new option allow the server to remind you one week before time changes.

The new screen for managing connection allow to change network settings, here is a default configuration for a network connection :


Windows Server 2008 network config

Use this screen for providing server name, description and name of the workgroup or domain membership of the server (you will need a domain administrator account and password in this case).

If you change name, domain or workgroup, you will need to restart the server.

2 -Update this server

Use this screen for configuring Microsoft Update, Windows Error Reporting and Customer Experience Program.

If you choose to configure manually, you will be redirected to the screen on the right, which redirect you the appropriate screens for each option.

Click on this option in order to check for new updates.

3 - Customize This Server

Click on this icon for adding roles to your server (a wizard will guide you during the process).

NB : as you can see, SharePoint (WSS) is not in the list anymore, Microsoft finally decided to provide it separatly. 

WS 2008

Click on this place in order to add Windows components (that's the new place for Add  /Remove programs / Windows Components

A Wizard will be displayed in order to help for the process of adding or removing a feature.


WS 2008
WS 2008 features


Click on this item for opening the Remote Desktop options.

The Windows Firewall will be configured for exceptions if you enable this option.

Windows Firewall (which is on by default) can be configured from this place. - Sommaire Windows Serveur - Sommaire