Windows Server 2008 - Installation

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1 - Hardware needs :

You need a PC with a DVD drive and (mini 512 Mo de RAM)

2 - Boot :

insert the DVD on the drive then restart the machine :

Windows Server 2008 EMS Boot

Windows PE is loaded

Windows Server 2008 - Installation

Choose Langage, time and currency format end keyboard layout :

Windows Server 2008

Then choose Install Now

Windows Server 2008

Type the product key (or no product key for an evaluation) :

If you don't give a product key, then you have to choose which release you want to setup :

Windows Server 2008 - OS

otherwise the product key indicate the version to be installed so you just have to choose between a full installation or a core installation :

Windows Server 2008 core ou pas

Windows Server 2008 licence

Choose the kind of installation (if you did start the setup from a boot on DVD then it will be custom)

Select Custom (Upgrade is only possible if you run setup from an existing Windows Server installation) :


Windows Setup 

Finalisation of installation :

New reboot :

Windows ask for a password for the administrator account :


 Windows Server 2008 password    Windows Server 2008 password

A few remaining steps :

Applying user settings

Preparing your desktop

Then we discover the new desktop :

Windows Server 2008 bureau 

And the new Initial Configuration Tasks screen :

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