Windows Server 2012 : change display language

If you installed an English version of Windows Server, then you can add additional display languages.

  1. First, download the language pack from Microsoft. You can find it at the Download Center. You can download either the entire Multilingual User Interface (MUI) ISO or one specific language file.
  2. Press the Windows and R key in order to run a command then type lpksetup and press Enter. The Install or uninstall display languages wizard will appear.


3. Click on Install display languages. Next, click on the Browse button and select the file.


4. Click on Next when the file is loaded.

5. Accept the license terms and click Next. The selected language pack is being installed.


6. Click on Finish and then select the new language to display. Check the “Apply display language to welcome screen and system accounts” check box and click on Change display language button.

7. Restart Windows for the system language change to take effect


Then you can choose the display language in the control panel :

the default language is at the top :


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