Photokina 2010 : get into the biggest matrix ring ant try it

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At the Photokina 2010, it was possible to observe a matrix ring, and to be shooted inside, but what is it ?image

The name refer to the movie Matrix where Wachowski brothers have used many slow motion scenes, named and copyrighted Bullet time by the Warner Bross.

It consist in using many still cameras for capturing a scene from differents points of view and then doing a video with it.

Companies ADF, Otto Fotostudio and 3D-VIZ have then installed about 100 Canon still cameras on what became the biggest matrix ring of the world : 100

SLR used.

Photokina 2010 - Laurent Gébeau -

Their public demo only use 18 of them but the result is particularly impressive and many exploits have are done for each sequence :
synchroneous control of all SLR : from their mac, it’s possible to change all image parameters (apperture, speed, … ) and to shoot.
the preview of all images is practically immediate from the max
fast downloading of raw images from slr
cropping of all images
creation of a flash sequence
All of it in a few minutes !

I did a try and here is the result :

The flash is a bit long to load, so be patient, after the loading you can drag the mouse over the image in order to turn around.

Matthias from who was very patient to explain me the process gave me the 18 source photos too and I couldn’t resist to create a photosynth :

Impressive too !
If you want to see a usage, here is a video from project they did downloaded here :

Laurent Gébeau (MToo)

 clip_image001 clip_image001 clip_image002[4] clip_image003[4]

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