Visiting Microsoft Store in Bellevue : where’s the creativity ?

Pour cette semaine je suis à Redmond /Seattle au MVP Summit, je poste donc en Français et Anglais.

Paris was the only city in the world hosting a Windows Café (now closed), but Microsoft openned the first Microsoft Store in Bellevue, few miles away from Microsoft headquarters.

So first visit when I arrived in Washington state was the store :

image Bellevue 019

In fact it’s more a showroom for hardware makers. I really loved to discover new kind of devices like Dell Duo). But there is finally not so much place for Microsoft products : XBox (with a place for Kinect), Office, Windows…

After visiting the MS Store I discovered the Apple Store (50 m) away from Ms Store, and here is the point : it’s the same.

So once again rather than inovating they just copy Apple communication (and telling it I think about the “I’m a PC” campaing opposite to the “I’m a Mac” campaign).

Marketshare, openning of Microsoft Products, regual inovation from Microsoft research need more than copy of Apple ideas !!!

Please product and marketing teams of Microsoft inovate rather than follow:

  • Bing vs Google
  • Windows Phone 7 vs iPhone
  • IE 9 vs Firefox / Opera / Safari
  • Web apps vs Google Apps

Hey Microsoft shake yourself !

  • Create an inovating store
  • Create inovating and original applications for users
  • Create secured and productive applications for professionals
  • Improve our web experience and search

If you want a quick virtual visit of the store in photosynth clic here :

Laurent Gébeau – http://www.toutwindows.com

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